by Almost December

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After 4 years of school and careers pulling us away from creating music as Almost December, we had a chance to get back together to write and record "Faultless" over New Years 2016. We're really proud of how it turned out and we hope you enjoy it!


released January 7, 2016

Produced by: Robbie Artress and Jonathan Klinvex
Mixed and Mastered by: Robbie Artress

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums: Jonathan Klinvex and Robbie Artress
Written by: Jonathan Klinvex and Robbie Artress



all rights reserved


Almost December Chattanooga, Tennessee

Almost December is:

Jonathan Klinvex- Vocals, Guitars, Bass Programming

Robbie Artress- Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Programming

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Track Name: Faultless
You call this honest?
I saw you driving out last night
I've made progress
I'm not ready, no I'm not ready
To solve this
I’m not placing blame but you’re not exactly faultless

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care
Cause I already let you go
But his hands running through your hair
I wish that I’d never known

I’m not trying to think about
how to do without your memory
I’m just trying to figure out
what we talk about
what we’ll never be

I’m finding out
I had my heart but you kept a piece
I realized
We’re better off as a memory

What did you expect me to say
In the car when we parted ways
You knew things would change
Don’t pretend you’re the same

It’s a disaster
Was for the past year
When you were with me
We’re falling faster
but I had the guts to pack my bags and leave

You found me in the right place but the times wrong
I knew that this would happen I knew it all along
I know it's not a mistake but you're still gone
But I’m holding on

(I wont forget you, I wont forgive you)